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The development of scar tissue prohibits proper blood flow as new capillaries and other small blood vessels cannot penetrate through scar tissue to provide blood flow to the injured area. For this reason the affected soft tissue area fails to heal completely.

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment: The concentrated platelets release a surge of bioactive proteins and growth factors that begins to recruit other healing cells to migrate into the area to promote a powerful effective healing cascade. The regeneration of new tissue is accomplished by stem cells and fostered by growth factors and hormones. The human body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, and by re-injecting concentrated platelets, we maximize stem cell release to optimize healing.

Dermatone PRP scar treatment can be very helpful for the treatment of acne scars and other type of scars with very little risk of post treatment hyper pigmentation or darkening of the treatment area.

Acne Scars

Stretch Marks

Surgery Scars

Study confirms the efficacy of skin needling in scarring treatment and suggests that the combined use of skin needling and PRP is more effective.


Skin needling creates a way for better PRP absorption. Skin Needling Treatment: Since 1995, skin needling has been used to achieve percutaneous collagen induction in order to reduce skin imperfection. To date, skin needling has mostly been proposed as an effective method of treating scars and wrinkles. Micro needles penetrate through the epidermis which heals rapidly.

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