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Clearista Refining Pen

Nearly 50% of the population is afflicted with some type of pigmented blemish due to excess keratin.  

Skin is made up of several different layers, including a constantly regenerating protective outer layer of protein called keratin. This outer layer rubs off normally in a natural process called exfoliation and is normally replenished at the same rate with fresh keratin. However, sometimes our bodies overproduce keratin, causing a buildup of the protein, resulting in unsightly rough patches or bumps on the skin’s surface. These keratotic (or keratin-containing) blemishes are often pigmented and can appear almost anywhere on the body. Common keratotic blemishes include seborrheic keratosis and keratosis pilaris. Over 150 million Americans suffer from rough or dry spots, mole-like blemishes, or skin bumps.

A Breakthrough in Skin Resurfacing Technology. CLEARISTA® was developed by Skincential Sciences in a California university lab with award-winning scientists.

The Clearista Refining Pen delivers unprecedented resurfacing effects to address dark spots, and blemishes.

Clearista® core technology platform, developed by scientists form MIT and UC Santa Barbara, uses novel combinations of hydrophilic surfactants to disrupt the hydrogen bonds formed between keratin molecules deposited at the skin’s surface.

Clearista® holds patents, including composition of matter for surfactant combinations, which accomplish bond disruption in a gentle, non-irritating manner. Double blind clinical trials have been conducted at Therapeutics, Inc., a dermatology CRO in San Diego, California.

Key Ingredients

The Clearista formulation is a patented combination of clinically tested ingredients working together to resurface and revitalize skin. All ingredients in the formula are essential; however, we’ve highlighted a few of the key components below.

• Water, an element vital for skin hydration and a primary hydrating component in the Clearista Core

• Potassium Chloride, low concentration thickener that works with Boric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide to keep the pH of the solution near 8 • Polysorbate 20, common solubilizing agent of membrane proteins, which allows gel to weaken keratin bonds

• Capryl Sultaine, detergent used for gently breaking up membranes, which allows gel to be a powerful yet gentle solution

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