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Host a Botox and Fillers Party

How does a botox party work?

One of our licensed MD or PA's will visit your home or venue at no extra cost to you.

The botox or other cosmetic procedures will be discussed beforehand and every detail will be explained and any questions will be answered by our doctors.

Each patient will be accessed individually and a treatment plan will be made out once their needs are established.

The entire range of cosmetic procedures will be available from our cosmetic portfolio. Many of the procedures can be performed at the botox party.

What is required of the host

The host of the botox party is required to arrange the venue and snacks and beverages.

Are the doctors experienced in cosmetic procedures

Our doctors are experts in all cosmetic procedures provided and understand that convenience and privacy are preferred by patients.

All treatments will be carried out in a professional way, exactly the same services and care the patient would expect in a surgical environment.

Special botox price for the hostess

As our thanks to the host for the organization of the event we offer you (the host) special compensation. This compensation can be a discount up to 75% of your treatments and it will be calculated according to the amount of guests and their treatments they receive. if you have 20 guests receiving treatment, you get yours free!

How long will a treatment take per patient?

Each treatment should take around 15-20 mins per patient.

Is a botox party safe and hygienic?

The procedures will be carried out at the venue and all infection control procedures will be carried out in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations.

Is a follow-up provided after the botox party?

A follow up will be carried out free of charge at the doctors private rooms or at another party.

What is the next step to arrange a botox party?

Simply contact us, and we will provide you with the help and advice to get your party started. It is suggested to contact us a few weeks in advance to ensure that a doctor will be available for your party.

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