Skin Rejuvenation Consultation

Renew the top layers of your skin With Micro Dermabrasion

Diamond Peeling is a very common way to freshen and rejuvenate the top layer of your skin on your face without any acids.

We are using a diamond-tipped wand, to slough off the top layer (epidermis) of your skin and stimulate new skin growth. This technique also helps to thicken your collagen, which results in a younger looking complexion.

Diamond Peeling is a gentle exfoliation that is performed with a diamond encrusted applicator tip. The tip passes over the skins surface, and creates a gentle vacuum. The diamond tip gently exfoliates approximately 20-25 microns of dead skin cells of the outermost layer (stratum corneum).

Get Microdermabrasion regularly to,

• Eliminate age spots and black heads.

• Eliminate hyper-pigmentation (patches of darkened skin).

• Exfoliate your skin, resulting in a refreshed appearance.

• Reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

• Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

• Reduce or eliminate enlarged pores.

• Treat acne and the scars left by acne.

What To Expect In The Long Term

Your polished new look should be long-lasting, depending on the severity of your skin damage and the number of treatments that you receive.

Crystals Or Diamonds?

The regular crystal micro dermabrasion technology uses high-speed flow of aluminum oxide crystals onto the skin. At the same time, the machine's vacuum system sucks away dirt, dead cells and used crystals.

Areas closer to the eyes and mouth can be treated more accurately with diamond abrasion (no risk of stray crystals causing damage or being ingested). Diamond microderm machines usually come with tipped wands of varied size and coarseness for different skin types and depths of resurfacing. The wand tip is made of natural diamond chips which polish the skin and remove dead cells, which are then vacuumed back into a waste filter.

At Dermatone Skin Rejuvenation Center we prefer natural diamond tips because they don't irritate the skin.

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