Skin Rejuvenation Consultation

Botox® | Xeomin® | Dysport® For Men

A growing number of men have turned to BOTOX® and Dysport® to confront facial lines and wrinkles. Both BOTOX® and Dysport® treat lines and wrinkles by temporarily relaxing over-active facial muscles.

The most common male treatment areas are the forehead creases, frown lines and crow's feet.

Men particularly benefit from BOTOX® and Dysport® as a means to improve the skin's appearance without looking cosmetically obvious. Therefore, we prefer Dysport® for men for subtle improvements that are not overly feminizing. In addition, these procedures are quick and minimally invasive, with almost no downtime.

As male facial muscles sometimes require more injections than female muscles, it's especially important for men to come to Dermatone SPA where we are sensitive to men's distinctive anatomical characteristics.

Dysport usually starts working in 2-3 days but full effect is seen at 7-10 days. If you haven't seen any effect from the dysport , then you should come back to DermatoneSPA for a touch up. We do not charge for a touchup visit and up to 10% of units used as long as the touchup is within 2 weeks of the original injections.

Men will find that the treatment does offer quite a few benefits. It can help to make you look younger, certainly. It can also help to make you look happier. Often, the wrinkles and lines that form on the face of a man can give them a dour or even angry appearance. A simple treatment can help to get rid of that problem quickly.

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