Skin Rejuvenation Consultation

Deep Hydration Needed

Intense Hydration Facial Treatment

The Hydralessence Facial if perfect for anyone looking for noticeable results and moisture-sealing properties.

Your skin sends out a thousand tiny little signs to express its lack of moisture and comfort. Dry or oily, it begins to feel tight and rough to the touch, no matter what the season. This high performance, deep hydrating facial will revive the most dehydrated complexions, eliminating signs of stress and helping your skin to re-balance itself.

Yon-Ka Hydralessence facial protocol includes an aromatic compress,  a warm mist with 5 essential oils*, vegetable exfoliation, a hydrating mask with vapor bath, elimination of blackheads, relaxing massage for face, neck and neckline, a double hydrating mask for the face and neck, hand treatment and a fresh aromatic awakening.




*The signature Quintessence, around which the Yonka brand has been built, contains thyme from Spain, lavender from Haute Provence, geranium from Egypt, cypress from Provence, and rosemary from Morocco.

Yon-Ka Hydralessence Facial treatment quickly rehydrates skin, restoring skin moisture balance, suppleness and softness, while also smoothing out fine lines and softening rough skin.

The powerfully softening action of seaweed and fruit extracts. The use of two intensely nourishing masks, including a massage with a fine aromatic mist; and the application of a repairing, hydration reactivating duo using Yon-Ka techniques combine to leave skin smooth and radiant. The application of a soft gel peel with citrus extracts hydrates and exfoliates simultaneously. Luxuriate in the warmth of healing hands while your skin is bathed in a moisture surge of oils, creams and elixirs. 

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