Skin Rejuvenation Consultation

Radiesse® Dermal Filler

Radiesse® is made of tiny calcium-based microspheres suspended in a natural water-based gel. It works with the body to stimulate the production of collagen and encourage tissue regeneration. Radiesse® provides both immediate and extended results. Initially, the water-based gel helps fill the wrinkle, line or fold.  As this gel begins to dissipate, the calcium-based microspheres form a something akin to a "scaffold", stimulating collagen production and encouraging tissue growth in and around the treatment area.

Radiesse® is commonly used in areas of the face in which wrinkles are more pronounced and the skin is thicker.  Radiesse® generally lasts up to a year, or more.

Radiesse® is used by medical practitioners to correct wrinkles and folds around the nose and mouth, including nasolabial folds. It is also used for marionette and smile lines.  In addition to treatment of wrinkles, Radiesse® is used widely by medical practitioners to help contour and shape facial features. For example, Radiesse® can be an effective treatment option for sunken areas below the eyes (tear trough), and to augment cheeks, as well as filling in indented the areas on the sides of the chin that accentuate jowls.  Radiesse® can shape cheeks, chin and jaw lines similar to what facial implants will do, but has the added benefit of being completely customizable.

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