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Providing the highest quality of active ingredients and putting them in a delivery system that is not only without harmful preservatives, mineral oils, and artificial colors or fragrances, but is in a Nano size molecule. This Nano technology allows a higher concentration of active ingredients to go deeper into the skin providing a better result.

ACTION: The Matrikina/Ceramide 2 molecule effectively counters the real causes of slack skin, while Jojoba Oil, rich in natural anti-oxidants, has an immediate lifting effect on the delicate skin of your face and neck. Fragrance free.

THE RESULT: Firmer, more compact skin, smoother lines and a better lasting shape.


SORRY: This product is professional use only. We gladly suggest home-care products for your beauty.

Perfect skin penetration with XtraFIRM® treatment.

xtrafirm skin tightening treatment booster serum
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