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XtraFIRM® Questions and answers

Laser Skin Tightening or XtraFIRM®
Laser is invasive, painful, requires down time, and may cause skin pigmentation issues immediately or later. Laser treatment tends to scatter or absorb in the upper layers of skin which make it extremely difficult to work with deeper layers without totally doing harm to the skins surface layer.

How many treatments do you need?
A course 10 visits is recommended with treatments once a week finalizing the whole treatment in less than three months. After the initial treatment, maintenance treatments are recommended every 8 weeks.

Does XtraFIRM® treatment hurt?
No, there is no pain. You will only feel the probes and the pressure of your muscles being manipulated, and maybe a tingly feeling when the specialist works with the radio frequency. Some of our clients fall asleep during Dermatone XtraFIRM® Skin Tightening treatment.

What type of equipment are we using?
The new generation smart advanced RF technology we are using is manufactured by a prominent manufacturer in western hemisphere. XtraFIRM® Equipment is synonymous with high-technology. 

Monopolar or Bi-Polar?
For the purpose of aesthetic treatments Monopolar radio frequency is delivered by applying a single electrode to the treated area and an opposing electrode that is relatively far removed. Monopolar (RF) penetrates deeper and more intensely than bipolar (RF). At Dermatone, we have the technology to apply Monopolar, Bipolar or Tripolar radio frequency (RF) energy to tighten and contour skin. Monopolar penetrates up to 3/4 inch (20mm), affecting both skin and subcutaneous fat. Bipolar energy travels from one pole on a hand piece to another, penetrating only 1/12 inch (2mm to 4mm) into the skin.

How does XtraFIRM® treatment work?
Dermatone XtraFIRM® Skin Tightening delivers a specific radio frequency to cause collagen, your natural skin-firming fibers, to contract. This results your deep skin layer and deep tissue layer to stimulate and to produce new collagen. As a result, skin is smoothed and saggy areas are tightened. Dermatone XtraFIRM® Skin Tightening radio frequencies penetrate more deeply than collagen-stimulating laser treatments. While laser treatments heat your skin superficially, Dermatone XtraFIRM® Skin Tightening frequency heats beyond the epidermis (the surface layer of your skin) down to the dermis (your collagen rich skin layer deep beneath the epidermal surface) and the subcutaneous tissue (a tissue layer underneath your skin layers also filled with collagen fibers). Much more collagen is stimulated with XtraFIRM® treatments. You will achieve tighter, fresher results.

Are the results permanent?
Like any other treatment, Radiofrequency tightening is not permanent, but it is cumulative. This means that each treatment builds additional collagen strength and concentration over time.

How quick can you begin seeing results?
Noticeable improvements can usually be seen in the very first treatment. However, results vary.

What do you feel during the treatment?
XtraFIRM® treatments are relaxing and invigorating. You are literally receiving a massage. Some clients may even fall asleep because it is so relaxing.

How long is a session?
XtraFIRM® Skin Tightening treatment can be completed in the span of multiple visits. A regular session is 15 minutes long. A visit can be one session or multiple sessions long. Treatment duration varies based on the body part and skin condition.

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