Skin Rejuvenation Consultation

Younger And Firmer Neck, No Pain. No Downtime

Visible firming and contouring

Tightening of skin and sagging jowls

Reduction of double chins and fatty cheeks

The skin tightens during the initial XtraFIRM® visit and continues to tighten for several weeks afterward.

The procedure also stimulates your body's natural healing process, which produces more collagen over time. XtraFIRM® RF for younger neck.

XtraFIRM® Neck Lift

The non-invasive neck tightening and neck wrinkle treatment helps smooth and tighten neck skin. These remarkable results are delivered in 6 to 10 visits without surgery, and require no downtime.

Results that last long term, If the results are maintained with proper nutrition and good skin care the results can be kept for long term after the initial treatment is finished. Each visit builds on the previous treatment.

We cannot stop the natural aging process that will ultimately continue to affect your muscles and the appearance of your skin. For this reason, we recommend maintenance visits approximately every 2 months to extend the results of your XtraFIRM® non invasive neck lifting treatment. The neck is one of the places that show age since the skin of the neck is difficult to treat through common methods of wrinkle treatments that are on the market.

The neck area is mostly affected by gravity so that the skin of the neck is pulled downward which gives it a drooping, wrinkled appearance.

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