Skin Rejuvenation Consultation

Post Pregnancy Mommy Make-Over treatments

Pregnancy Mask treatment

We recommend "Le Grand Classique" facial treatment for your facial skin rejuvenation. If you have developed melasma (a.k.a. pregnancy mask) we recommend Yon-Ka Vital Elastine facial treatment.

Toning Your Tummy

Did you gained a lot of weight and lost all of it? Are you left with a saggy belly? You don't need to be horrified by your own stomach for the rest of your life.

Dermatone advanced XtarFIRM® treatment generates a therapeutic heat to stimulate the energy "trapped" in the cells causing them to shrink. New collagen production as the result of skin tightening treatment will pull your skin back together to pre-pregnancy conditions if not better. 

Baby Fat Treatment

You may be dealing with a little extra belly fat after pregnancy. LipoSTOP® treatment at Dermatone Skin Rejuvenation Center, is the most revolutionary solution for dealing with excess body fat. It is solely intended for localized fat removal without incisions.

Body Slimming Wraps

Body wraps are full body treatments for lifting and firming. Yon-Ka techniques and products. This exclusive treatment with lifting bandages is highly recommended after pregnancy.


Stretch Mark Treatment

At least half of pregnant women will get stretch marks. It is impossible to tell whether you will get them or not. Some women get stretch marks on their second pregnancy, although they did not get stretch marks on their first. If your mother or sister has them, it is very likely you will have them as well.

Dermatone offers stretch mark treatments after pregnancy as well as products that can be used to prevent stretch marks.

Dark Vertical Line

Sometimes during the pregnancy a dark line starts occurring around second tri-mester. This dark line believed to be a hormonal by-product is not preventable. The dark line will diminish after pregnancy in many cases. However sometimes you are left with this line and we have treatment options available for you.

Spider Veins

Pregnancy can show some veins near the surface of your skin much larger. Sclerotherapy can be used to correct this issue. A mild solution is injected in to the vein causing it to collapse. Your body then absorbs the vein.

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